Overview of Literacy with ICT WIKIs

The following is a short description of each of the WIKIs, as well as the Blog and Ning, created to support teachers, mentors, school leaders and divisional teams in the implementation of Literacy with ICT. Each is updated as the need arises.

Literacy with ICT WIKIs
This WIKI is the main entry point for all the LwICT WIKIs.
It also provides an overview of this Manitoba Education initiative.

Affective Domain
The Affective Domain of Literacy with ICT contains descriptors referring to feelings and attitudes toward the use of ICT in learning. This wiki also offers resources to address this domain in schools and to assess it in classrooms.

Meaningful assessment informs instruction by providing information about student learning to the learner, the teacher, and the parent.This WIKI addresses assessment FOR AS OF learning, Focussed Observation, Reporting, ePEARL and more.

The purpose of this WIKI is to address the important issue of Copyright as it pertains to digital media.

Digital Citizenship
The concept of digital citizenship relates to the responsible, ethical, and safe use of ICT by students as members of society and citizens of the global community.

Engaging Middle Years Students by Infusing LwICT
This wiki makes the connection between LwICT and Middle Years, with respect to the MY initiative.

This WIKI gives divisional implementation facilitators and other divisional staff access to guides they can use in workshops with their teachers.

Intro to LwICT
This WIKI was created for an institute held in Nov. 2009. It includes examples of topics that can be discussed when introducing LwICT to new teachers.

Mentoring Institute
This WIKI provides information and support for teachers who become Mentors in LwICT to their colleagues.

Resource Teachers
To identify teaching and learning resources that target this group of educators and their students.

Resources to Support the Implementation of LwICT
This Wiki groups resources that have been shared by the LwICT team and by teachers on topics related to LwICT.

Senior Years
This WIKI is set up as a forum for divisions to share their ideas on implementing Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum at the Senior Years level.

School Leaders
This WIKI informs school leaders on how they can support the implementation of LwICT in their school.

Supporting Principles
The Developmental Continuum for Literacy with ICT is a matrix of descriptors that portray how students demonstrate their literacy with ICT. Concepts, processes, and methodologies are embedded in the continuum and have become the seven supporting principles for the implementation of Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum. Each is described here.

This WIKI is designed as a webquest that allows educators who are implementing LwICT the opportunity to review resources created by Manitoba Education to assist with their implementation

Winter 2009
Winter 2010
Winter 2011
These WIKIs are being used for the purposes of gathering primary data and information regarding a variety of topics around the implementation of Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum in each school division in Manitoba. It is a collaborative workspace in which each division may share experiences and strategies with each other. It is also a place to share practical and tested resources to support teachers in implementing Literacy with ICT

Epearl Subadministrators
This WIKI is a place to share information regarding the role of sub-administrator of ePearl, the electronic portfolio. This WIKI will contain information regarding the process of administering ePearl including the bulk loading of students and teachers names, creating and linking classes and maintenance considerations.

Literacy with ICT Blog
Since the beginning of implementation of LwICT, participants of the many workshops and institutes have given feedback through this Blog. It has become an archive of sorts as we realize and appreciate the impact of this initiative on Manitoba students and teachers. We can gauge the amazing growth that has taken place in our schools.

Literacy with ICT Ning
A place to meet and share your strategies for implementation of Literacy witch ICT Across the Curriculum. You may join a discussion forum and get connected with other teachers from across the province and from around the world.
You may also start your own discussion forum around a topic you are interested in learning more about.