Presenter's agenda

Introductions MLK
Who are you? MLK - Roz to jot down info about representation
  • levels K4-, 5-8, SY
  • role: classroom, leader, consultant, other
  • comfort with LwICT - beginner, somewhat comfortable, well on my way

Roz's section
Introductory resources
  • show ME site
  • introduce this "new" wiki
  • show layout
  • link to all wikis for an overview
  • All public, no need to log on. Log on is necessary to edit.

Michelle will decide which of the following need not be touched
Professional Learning Support
  • Scavenger Hunt - Intro
  • Webquest - Intro wiki
  • Intro to LwICT wiki
  • PLEs on the website
  • PL Network wiki
  • Ning - create an account to join
  • Blog - request membership to post a comment
  • Facilitators wiki
  • Mentoring wiki
  • Support Principle wiki
  • School Leaders wiki

Roz will wrap this up
Support for teaching
  • LEs
  • Winter 2009 wiki
  • Winter 2010 wiki
  • Copyright wiki
  • Digital Citizenship wiki