ePearl at META -SAGE 2011

Introductions and Who Are You? - MLK
  • - Demographics: who is k - 2, 3 - 6? Other? Immersion?
  • - How familiar are you with ePEARL
  • - Who already use portfolios? How do you use portfolios? Do you use them during student-lead conferences?

Before Demonstrating ePEARL - MLK
  • - Make a connection how portfolios support assessment of student literacy with ICT in the triangulation model
  • - Assessment AS / FOR because we are not reporting
  • - Explain how ePEARL can be used as a portfolio to show evidence of what students have learned and how it ALSO encourages and supports student thinking about their learning (assessment AS learning/ meta cognition)

Brief Description of ePEARL - Roz
  • - Created at Concordia University; most school divisions across the province have it. (Roz has updated division list)
  • - describe ePEARL: levels and teacher account

Show ePEARL - Roz (Depending on demographics, we start on either level 1 or 2. No need for level 3 with this group)
  • - Student Level 1 (Cole's portfolio: How to Make a Castle Out of Blocks)
  • - Student Level 2 (Megan's portfolio: Marie Antoinette, Matt's portfolio: Believe It Or Not?, Les Animaux)
  • - Teacher perspective - show resources available from Concordia University